Test My Ride



Test My Ride Cape Town - S01E03 - BMW E46 M3

Test My Ride - Cape Town

Today, Mika Salo is challenged by Dillon Jeary on a Beamer. Dillon, who dreams about becoming a stunt-driver, definitely has enough stamina, having just finished a full triathlon. However, physical strength is not all you need if you're up against a former F1 driver. Production company: Dakar 

BMW, E46 M3

Power: 343 Hp
Torque: 365 Nm
Top speed: 250 Km/h
Acceleration: 5,1s

Test My Ride Finland - S04E12 - BMW 325i Xtreme Race '94

Test My Ride Finland - Season 4

Mika Salo is in a tight spot, facing an experienced race driver Kari Grönthal and a proper racing car. Production company: Dakar

BMW, BMW 325i Xtreme Race '94

Power: 210 Hp
Torque: 260 Nm
Top speed: 200 km/h
Acceleration: 5,5s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E05 - BMW M3 E36 Turbo '94

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

Tuomas Kaiponen intended to put a proper stereo in his Beamer, but the outcome was a bit different. The tune-up shifted towards the engine, and now there is enough capacity for a great ride. However, sufficient strength does not necessarily guarantee a quick lap time. Production company: Dakar.

BMW, M3 E36 Turbo '94

Power: 800 Hp
Torque: 900 Nm
Top speed: 300 Km/h
Acceleration: 4s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E06 - BMW 325Ci -92

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

During last season, the production manager of the TMRF series, Taru Mickos, became inspired to build herself a car and to participate in the programme. Taru may have been quite an over-achiever, as she's back again, and with a new car. Taru's father, Henkka, is also included in this episode, as he's also keen to get on the track… Production company: Dakar.

BMW, 325Ci -92

Power: 210 Hp
Torque: 250 Nm
Top speed: 240 Km/h
Acceleration: 7s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E10 - BMW 1502 '76

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

In this episode of Test My Ride Finland, Mika Salo will be testing a real beauty from '76. This globally successful exhibition car also happens to be quick on the racing track. Now, everything is as it should be. This car is what TMRF is all about, particularly if the owner of the car, Tony Suominen, has built practically everything by himself. Production company: Dakar.

BMW, 1502 '76

Top speed: 260 Km/h
Acceleration: 5,5s

Test My Ride Harbour - BMW E30 -90

Test My Ride - Harbour

In this episode of Test My Ride they don’t compete for a better time, but for showmanship. It’s frightening that some of the judges are rescue divers, all the more when the race is in a harbour-circuit. We find out in this episode how Mika drifts with Niko Lahtinen’s 1000 horsepower Beamer.