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Welcome to Test My Ride!

Test My Ride is an action-packed racing management game the likes of which you’ve never seen before.

Test My Ride is all about tuning your car to its limits and racing it against the toughest opponents. Launched in conjunction with the global rollout for hit television show of the same name, the game lets you experience what it’s like to turn your tired old car into a racing monster.

Starting off, you’ll be awarded with with a free car and some cash of your own. After that you’ll have to start earning your tuning cash from competing against other racers, including real world tuners from the TV show. The game is balanced so that anyone will have an easy time getting into the game, but even more hardcore players will find plenty of challenge.

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Thrilling gameplay with with unique gameplay mechanics
12 distinct AI drivers to compete against, each with a personalized car tuned to the max!
A realistic handling model for the cars
5 different track variations for you to test your skills on
Exclusive character vignettes & videos for each ‘Test My Ride’ tuner from past seasons
Various different skills, such as the Nitrous Boost and the Overtake ability to help you achieve ultimate victory