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Test My Ride Finland - S04E01 - Ford Mustang -65

Test My Ride Finland - Season 4

The fourth season of Test My Ride Finland starts in a nostalgic atmosphere, when Mika is challenged by Taisto Rajala in his amazing '65 Mustang. Can the old car and the owner's nerves handle real competition? Production company: Dakar 

Ford, Mustang -65

Power: 480 Hp
Torque: 623 Nm
Top speed: 220 Km/h
Acceleration: 5s

Test My Ride Finland - S04E08 - Ford Phaeton Victoria '34

Test My Ride Finland - Season 4

Today's episode of Test My Ride Finland has a nostalgic feel to it, when Mika gets a '34 Ford to test. However, nostalgia is in the past when the race starts, and the vintage car experiences quite a ride. Production company: Dakar 

Ford, Phaeton Victoria -34 

Power: xx
Torque: xx
Top speed: xx
Acceleration: xx

Test My Ride Finland - S05E01 - Ford Mustang HT 66

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

The fifth season of Test My Ride Finland beings! In the first episode, Mika Salo is challenged by Antti Nieminen and Ford Mustang '66. The challenger's support crew also includes a familiar face from the previous season, Taisto Rajala. 

Ford, Mustang HT 66

Power: 400 + Hp
Torque: 600 + Nm
Top speed: 230 Km/h
Acceleration: 4s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E02 - Edge Barracuda

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

This episode of Test My Ride Finland has a really interesting build. Jarmo Sinisalo has built his car, using a pile of metal pipes and a motorbike engine. The building goal was to have a running buggy. How will things go on a racing track, with the test driver Mika Salo at the wheel? Production company: Dakar.

Ford, Edge Barracuda

Power: 190 Hp
Torque: 140 Nm
Top speed: 190 Km/h
Acceleration: 3,5s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E08 - Ford Sierra 2.0 GL Automatic '83

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

To start with, an '83 Ford Sierra is not particularly inspiring for a race track. However, the situation is a lot different once Antti Hirvonen has tweaked the car. There is plenty of power and manoeuvrability, as well as a tough driver. Production company: Dakar.

Ford, Sierra 2.0 GL Automatic '83

Power: 500 Hp
Torque: 620 Nm
Top speed: 250+ Km/h
Acceleration: 4s

Test My Ride Harbour - E03 – Ford Mustang Fastback ‘65

Test My Ride - Harbour

In the legendary Port of Kotka we meet a car legend from the Ford Mustang circles. In this episode Jyri Rekonen challenges Mika Salo with his unbelievably gorgeous ’65 Mustang. Production by Mediafactory Dakar

Ford, Ford Mustang Fastback ‘65

Power: +400 Hp
Torque: +500 Nm
Top speed: about 200 km/h
Acceleration: about 5 s

Test My Ride Harbour - Ford Capri Cosworth - 72

Test My Ride - Harbour

Experienced car builder Harri Salo challengs Mika Salo in the daring harbour-circuit. The port area flourished in the ‘70s, so the ‘72 Ford Capri should be a nice fit there for the looks of it.

Ford, Capri Cosworth - 72

Power: 264 Hp
Torque: 278 Nm
Top speed: 210 Km/h
Acceleration: 5s