Test My Ride



Test My Ride Finland - S04E09 - Toyota Supra MK3 '89

Test My Ride Finland - Season 4

How will Mika Salo do if he's challenged by Martti Ylinen and Nissan Skyline? Production company: Mediatehdas Dakar Oy

Toyota, Supra MK3 -89

Power: 700 Hp
Torque: 850 Nm
Top speed: 300 km/h
Acceleration: 1/4 mile 10,988s

Test My Ride Harbour - Toyota Corolla GT -86

Test My Ride - Harbour

Juha Mäkelä from Kurikka has racing experience in Rallisprint and Time Attack. The harbour-circuit should be a nice fit for him. Mika Salo might have a hard time with this challenge. The ride in this episode of Test My Ride is a classic street-racing car Toyota Corolla GT ’86.

Toyota, Corolla GT -86

Power: 201 Hp
Torque: 186 Nm
Top speed: about 200 km/h
Acceleration: 5 s