Test My Ride



Test My Ride Cape Town - S01E02 - Subaru Impreza WRX

Test My Ride - Cape Town

Charl Barkhuizen is a big fan of the Fast & Furious movies. It's also clear in the way he built his car. Charl's Subaru is a pretty tough ride on the racing track and in street races. However, the most important thing in Test My Ride Finland is what Mika Salo thinks. Production company: Dakar

Subaru, Impreza WRX

Power: 333 Hp
Torque: 437 Nm
Top speed: 220 Km/h
Acceleration: 5s

Test My Ride Finland - S05E09 - Subaru Impreza Type-RA 555

Test My Ride Finland - Season 5

In this episode of Test My Ride Finland, there is plenty of power in the legendary rally car, as well as in the tuner himself, Sami Mäkäräinen. It is interesting to see, how the Subaru will handle the asphalt, and whether the competitor Sami will last on the track for the entire episode. Production company: Dakar.

Subaru, Subaru Impreza Type-RA 555

Power: 400 Nm
Torque: 400 Nm
Top speed:
Acceleration: 5s

Test My Ride Harbour - Subaru Impreza WRX -94

Test My Ride - Harbour

The magnificently built Subaru Impreza looks great in the harbour-circuit. Let’s hope it’s fast too. It has so much torque that you would think so.