Test My Ride



Test My Ride Cape Town - S01E07 - Volkswagen Golf MK1

Test My Ride - Cape Town

The 26-year-old Andrea Bate probably knows more about cars than many men do. Working at a car repair shop with her father, Andrea is also a promising driver, in addition to her great tuning skills. How will Mika Salo do if challenged with a VW Golf and a woman behind the wheel. Production company: Dakar 

Volkswagen, Golf MK1

Power: 211 Hp
Torque: 245 Nm
Top speed: xx
Acceleration: 6s

Test My Ride Finland - S04E03 - Volkswagen Beetle 1303 S -74

Test My Ride Finland - Season 4

In today's episode of Test My Ride Finland, we will meet an efficient VW Beetle and its owner, Juhani Jyränkö, who has been involved with more than a thousand Beetles already. Production company: Dakar

Volkswagen, Beetle 1303 S -74

Power: 291 Hp
Torque: 320 Nm
Top speed: 230 km/h
Acceleration: 4s

Test My Ride Harbour - VW Golf GTI -98

Test My Ride - Harbour

To beat Mika Salo in Test My Ride, the Tuner must have close to a flawless lap. The Tuner must have his head in shape as well as his car. You might imagine that world championship level skeet shooter Teemu Vähämäki keeps his cool. Teemu’s car is VW Golf GTI.


Test My Ride Harbour - VW Golf Variant -00

Test My Ride - Harbour

In this episode the name of this car won’t make you think about speed. Let’s hope the name won’t tell the whole story. Mikko Puha challenges Mika Salo today with his car VW Golf Variant diesel.